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I am a retired teacher living now in Manila Philippines from the UK, I have my basic pension, but I a looking to supplement this income.I am a freelance content development expert having hands-on experience in creating blog articles, research assignments, eBooks, thesis papers, resumes, and other professional writing services.

Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info.But there is a TON of good-paying work writing about specific industries, and the more complicated the better.

CLICK HERE to find out how much to pay a freelance writer or copywriter.Screenwriters working on union productions have to be members of the Writers Guild of America, the labor union that represents screenwriters and negotiates per-script payments for screen writers.I have been writing for content mills and agencies for 5 years but I want to break into a bigger league.My best clients are from (1) networking with past clients and colleagues (2) people finding my website through a Google search.

Instead of guessing who might be able to pay a decent rate, do some research to identify prospective markets that are likely to pay well.Whenever any job is advertised anywhere, there are lots and lots of applicants started shooting mails to the advertiser for hiring them.Making the most of them is where the art of the freelancer really.Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and copywriter who creates high-quality blog content and web copy for businesses.Other local writers can be a great source and save you a lot of time.Ironically I know of one lead service who charges, but every ad is from a Craigslist somewhere in the states.More and more people are working from home now and making it harder to start up now.

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Contact today and learn how you can become an honest to goodness professional writer.I know my strengths and they are greater than the pool of these jobs that are hard to nail, but starting as a freelancer after a 15 yr corporate job I was unsure if I should go forth totally cold calling.I would think if you are on one of those sites you should provide links for your credibility, may be a link to your linkedin page and provide some writing samples.To earn more, you need to move beyond these shaky operations to find more established, successful markets.

Freelance travel writers are self-employed professionals who write about various aspects of the travel industry and traveling, gathering their information firsthand by visiting various cities, states, and countries.And since you have already been benefited from this who knows this better than you.Tagged with: Craigslist, earn more from writing, freelance writing, Gorkana, job ads, networking, new writers, writer pay.

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For instance, I found some great business-finance gigs with Gorkana alerts.They may submit pieces to publishers for possible sales, solicit work from companies before beginning their writing or take on one-time or recurring assignments for editors.They are also responsible for their own health benefits, retirement funds, and work equipment.Ron — at the risk of being a little self-promotional, have you checked out the writers at my Freelance Writers Den community.Now the big deal in our freelance writing business is networking with other writers in our fraternity.

In my personal experience, the better paying freelance gigs come from writing industry and technical articles.And once you are into the league of high paying client, the rest works with words of mouth.They write operations manuals, assembly instructions, specification sheets and help text, among other documentation.They must combine the creative skills of a writer with the technical know-how of engineers and scientists.

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