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I was even getting email forwards from one if their families for awhile.Resume resources shared and recommended by career professionals and community members. advice, news, guides, how to tips, websites, questions and answers about Resume.

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That would allow you to keep your other email address for person use.That is the most common reason why you get your account hacked, but as per stereotype, Gmail users KNOW that the more you use the same password between different services, the more likely it is to get picked up by a keylogger and grabbed.I have my first initial, my middle initial, and my lastname at gmail, so if my name were Anne B Ears, the email address would be abears. (Name completely fictional.).

AOL customers with high-speed connections can download it in just a few minutes.Yes -- although your computer, including applications like email and Web browsers, may run more slowly while your download is underway.Then I noticed the difference between AOL and IE and Netscape and abandoned AOL.

All of my stuff gets forward to the my school address, which is my main account.I was commenting on contact info in one form listing Jane Smith as the mother, living with the father, with her contact email being JaneJones.Yahoo and Hotmail is fine if you use your name, or something innocuous.

There are also sites you can go to and find all of the various social media platforms out there and then go and claim your unique user name on all of them (KnowEm, for example).I think you have a slight misunderstanding of the age range of millennials.Look for a folder named aolsetup90 and double-click to open it.I find that I have to redo the text message thing for my gmail after I do a clean up of my web history and cookies.While I like the extra security, it is annoying.So I tried it without the period, no dice, my full first name, nope, and finally had to start bringing in my middle initials.As an added bonus, it would keep your job search responses separate from your other messages.

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The email address on her resume just reinforces what her resume says about her.

And I have an iPhone and a Gmail account. (Actually I have a Yahoo account too, but I only use it as a spam trap.).The differences in the quality of spam filter alone makes any cosmetic upgrade not even matter.I got my Gmail address much later, and use it primarily for online account logins and communications with companies or prospective employers.Especially since, unlike buying a suit, getting a gmail account is free.

About Page, Help, Give Feedback, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and About our Ads.You can also try last name first, or certain parts spelled out and certain just initials.Choose from over 20 professionally designed free resume templates to create a winning job application for the position you want.It would be along the lines of evaluating my educational credentials by how well the football team did.The assumption is that tech-savvy users no longer use those providers.There is absolutely a generational element to judging email providers.On the (other) other hand, I would actively disagree with anyone who advises people to just buy a web domain.I see the reasoning behind it, so while I still think its silly, I will go along with it and get a gmail account for sending off resumes.

This site talks all the time about how marginal cases have to be pretty damn good to get away with certain deal-breaking attributes, and an AOL domain would be one such attribute in this instance.Do millenials in general even understand the implications of an AOL address.If one of these kids came across a computer that had a floppy drive in it (assuming for the sake of argument that the computer looked otherwise modern), the drive would be meaningless to them without an explanation.Yahoo and Hotmail also have a dated feel to them, but not nearly to the same extent. (AOL is particularly bad, because AOL originally marketed itself as a safe way for non-web-savvy users to experience the big bad web, in their own safe little AOL community.).The spam even starts in a gmail account when you never use the email address to sign up for anything.If you use AOL Parental Controls, the controls will be updated to give you the latest protections.

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True, but one can always hit up a secondhand store for more updated attire.

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I almost never use my work email address for personal things for three reasons.Those of us who have suffered for years with strange unpronounceable names finally get our day.

I find it visually unpleasant, not very intuitive, difficult to figure out how to do the things I want, and I think it has a bad user interface.With the advent of portability, mobile phones, and VOIP, and the death of 7 digit dialing, what kind of old bumbling fogey still has one of those old useless local area codes, especially the ones that existed before overlays that have a 1 or a 0 in the middle.

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