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Especially if a convention is closely divided, a losing candidate may contend further by meeting the conditions for a primary election.The House and Its Members Article I, section 5 of the Constitution provides the House with the authority to determine whether Members-elect are qualified to be seated.Remini, Robert V. (1992). Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union.

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Each standing committee considers, amends, and reports bills that fall under its jurisdiction.

Difference Between Senator and Representative

Thus, with its potential to frustrate Presidential appointments, the Senate is more powerful than the House.

Each party elects a floor leader, who is known as the Majority Leader or Minority Leader.If no presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes, the Senate elects the Vice President from the two candidates with the highest numbers of electoral votes.The powers of the Speaker included chairmanship of the influential Rules Committee and the ability to appoint members of other House committees.

VanBeek, Stephen D. (1995). Post-Passage Politics: Bicameral Resolution in Congress. Univ. of Pittsburgh Press.New Ways and Means: Reform and Change in a Congressional Committee. Univ. of North Carolina Press.House of Representatives and Senate: Compare and Contrast. Transcript of House of Representatives and Senate: Compare and Contrast. Terms House members must run.

Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives

While the Minority Leader was the head of the minority party, the Majority Leader remained subordinate to the Speaker.For state-level Houses of Representatives in the United States, see List of United States state legislatures.Legislators, Leaders, and Lawmaking: The U.S. House of Representatives in the Postreform Era.

Because all southern senators except Andrew Johnson resigned their seats at the beginning of the war, the Senate did not have the balance of power between North and South during the war.Qualifications of Members of Congress. (25 for the House, 30 for the. it is not an authority to alter the substantive qualifications or terms of federal office.House of Representatives House of Representatives Currently selected.The term of a member chosen in a special election usually begins the next day, or as soon as the results are certified.The states of Washington and California now use a similar (though not identical) system to that used by Louisiana.States typically redraw district boundaries after each census, though they may do so at other times, such as the 2003 Texas redistricting.

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What is the House of Representatives? - Definition

The appointment of committee members is formally made by the whole House, but the choice of members is actually made by the political parties.See also: United States House of Representatives elections, 2016 and 115th United States Congress.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.The Democratic and the Republican Party held majorities in the House at various times.The district system emerged later as states dealt with how to fairly organize their congressional delegations.

However, the North held no such advantage in the Senate, where the equal representation of states prevailed.

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It is divided up, as it were, into forty-seven seigniories, in each of which a Standing Committee is the court-baron and its chairman lord-proprietor.

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