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Michael Kristoff, an 1899 Slovakian immigrant from the Austrian Empire became a suspect in the ensuing investigation, but his guilt was never determined.He was stationed at Naval Air Detachment in Newport News, Virginia, just before the Armistice.About 700,000 Americans died from the flu, a number ten times greater than the number of American military personnel who died as a result of enemy fire.At age twenty-seven York attended a Church of Christ in Christian Union revival meeting, an experience that would put York on a life-changing path.Meanwhile, Germany declared war on France when France began mobilization.About 50,000-strong, the Czech Legion supported Czechs in the Austrian Empire who had long dreamed of independence.Sisler returned to the game, his fifteen-year career, which ended in 1930, producing a.340 batting average.German violation of U. S. neutrality and the Zimmermann Telegram, which outraged the American public, prompted Wilson to ask Congress for a declaration of war against Germany.Serbia saw its leadership in the pan-Slavic movement as paralleling the leadership role played by Prussia in the unification of Germany and by Sardinia and Piedmont in the unification of Italy. 1.

When the war ended Reese and his Hellfighters band planned a music-performing tour of the United States.

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A Brief Overview of World War I. Join millions of other students and start your research.A dozen German ships were sunk and about 2,500 German sailors were killed.While still in active service, Brigadier General Edmund Gruber died from natural causes at age 61 in 1941.Sims, who a month after his visit with Jellicoe was promoted to Vice-Admiral in command of all U. S. naval forces in Europe, advocated a convoy system to counter the on-going threat of u-boat attacks.George grew up to be an entertainer, too, in his childhood years playing the violin.Mathewson, who had won 373 games in a seventeen-year career, including three consecutive 30-win seasons, returned from the war as a coach for the New York Giants and then as president of the Boston Braves, but he was increasingly debilitated by the tuberculosis he contracted from his exposure to poison gas.Jellicoe advised Sims that if German u-boat success at sinking Allied ships were to continue, it would not be possible to continue the war.

The assassination brought about what might otherwise have been a localized conflict, one that did not really concern the great powers of the world.Edward Lengel, To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918 (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2008), p. 18.

President Wilson warned Germany that if its submarine policy did not change the United States would sever diplomatic relations.The new German Chancellor, Friedrich Ebert, instructed Erzberger to complete negotiations for the armistice.With seven men guarding German prisoners, York advanced alone upon the German position, killing some twenty-five German soldiers and taking others as prisoners.Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives—You are now living in the soil of a friendly country.Several Americans were injured in the attack and the U. S. government protested the apparent violation of the Arabic Pledge.

Daniel Boorstin and Brooks Kelley, A History of the United States (Needham, MA: Prentice Hall, 1996), pp. 552-553.In the United States and elsewhere the red poppy, sometimes called the Flanders Poppy, quickly became a symbol of remembrance, still used by, for example, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.The explosions killed at least six people, as an unknown number of immigrants who lived on barges in New York Harbor also perished. 2. Hundreds of others were wounded.About 250,000 Army of Occupation doughboys were deployed to the Rhineland area of Germany, another 50,000 to Luxembourg, with Third Army Headquarters at Mayen, about eighteen miles west of Coblenz.In a transaction that remains controversial to this day, the Boston Red Sox sold Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1920, and the Yankees played him in the outfield.But York was a famous war hero, and he was frequently asked for interviews, endorsements, and public appearances.Quoted in Lloyd Clark, World War I: An Illustrated History (London: Bounty Books, 2004), p. 66.I need to write a 6 page paper for my History class on World War 1,.ANZACs went ashore at a place that came to be called Anzac Cove, about one mile north of their intended beach, and they had to climb cliffs before advancing against enemy positions.

In 1899 21-year-old Gerorge Cohan married Ethel Levey, a vaudeville singer and comedienne.Memorably, hostilities ceased at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918.Though players of enlistment age would be expected to serve in the military, the April-October baseball season during the war years, 1942-1945, remained unchanged.

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Believing Metz was not well defended, Colonel Douglas MacArthur wanted to continue the eastward advance.When the war ended, President Wilson disbanded the WIB by executive order on January 1, 1919.In late February the British passenger ship Laconia, en route to Liverpool from New York City, was torpedoed and sunk off the Irish coast.

Here, avalanches, a common enemy for both sides on the Dolomite Front, played a role in the Italian failure to take the mountain.Donald Murphy, Turning Points in World History: World War I (San Diego, California: Greenhaven Press, Inc., 2002), p. 90.Remarkably, Ruth would be the American League home run champion twelve times in the fourteen seasons from 1918 to 1931.Sadly, American segregation attitudes of the time were reflected in this government-sponsored program.Three airplanes were shot down. 5 The two-man crew of one of them was observer 2nd Lt.General Pershing brought the offensive to a temporary halt on October 1in part to address mounting logistical issues.

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