I should do my homework because

I hope you can find someone to talk to about how you are feeling.

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Do not chain their ankles and tell them that it is out of the norm.

The lady who taught her children responsibility by implementing a routine that works has never dealt with ADHD, ADD,OD, or any other alphabet soup that most other parents have to deal with and she has found the environment that fits her family.Who ever takes this stupidness and uses it is very very retarded stupid dumb and what ever else.

I am a child and I think that is a very good idea love Youtube Sarah.

Kids need to relax and have fun in order to be healthy humans of the world.As adults we work an eight hour day, and come home to take care of our families.But I do know one thing, that going through these years of pointless exams and homework assignments has taught me, that there is more to life than grades.Maybe if we just reduced himework time instead of get rid of it entirely.I SHOULD DO MY HOMEWORK BECAUSE, drunk doing homework, help me with my chemistry homework, help me with algebra problems.Its extremely big and me and the people in my class have no instructions or anything else to do because she just gives us a crappy paper.My parents made sure I knew about the world, that I knew about poverty, tragedy, world disasters.

Get help from qualified tutors for all your academic and homework related questions at Studypool. I was the go-to person for homework help in my class.A lot of kids have and are doing kumon but I struggle to get homework done.It is wrong for an elementary school student to have homework 3 hours a night.We are not little subjects, we are intelligent mothers and fathers here.Instead I had always pushed her to do her homework and pushed and pushed.From age seven to ten I received what I was told should take me half an hour to forty minutes a night.

I think the stress and my lack of weight is giving me heart problems.

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Parents teach their kids that its ok not to do their school duties, and then by the time they reach high school they have the same mindset.I generally stay up in bed till 10 trying to look at instagram and clash of clans and just have fun.

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How to Find Motivation to Do Homework. This is likely because you want to do fun things instead of boring things.I hate to blame it on the teachers, but who else gives the homework.My son is expected to do for homework things that have not even been reviewed in class, and dare I say, none of the assignments given for homework (from his history teacher in particular) seem grade nor age appropriate.

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PC is age 7 and has what I think is far to much homework, they are in school all day and then when they get home most of her time is taken with homework.Every company would rather pick the confident worker who can make a presentation without looking at note cards or notes written on the palm of their hands.In i should do my homework because, compared to all the successful people of editors, alternative as arguments, approaches, education words, and long well, the family.Education got me out of a council estate so there is no way I am going to let me children suffer through that on their own.I have an 11 year old son about to be 12, and he just entered middle school (6th grade USA) this year.I just prefer to take the time to socialize and end up paying for it at a later time, usually with less time to sleep.I would love to see your child in a couple years, being fired from every job she gets, because she prefers watching TV and get the job papers done.

Maybe there can be too much, but a little a night is not going to harm anyone.We will not be doing anything related in any way to education.

She also yells at me for no reason and we always get into arguments about homework.There is so much you can be teaching your child when you have her.

You gain life experiences from homework but you also lose some.For instance, what if your child became deeply depressed, had out-of-control crying jags, and started saying that she hates school.I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly -- Nursery Rhyme -- Kids Songs by The Learning Station.My post certainly got people thinking and it was interesting to hear their views.It teaches the students important life skills that they will need to apply even when they.He did not get good grades and had a hard time even getting a mediocre job.Schools are very quick to tell you not to take family holidays in there time but yet push there work they havent had time to do in class in ours.We took study hall and made it into another class period so they dont have time at school to do it.A mother knows when her child needs a night off, a break from it all, and when a dose of fun takes priority over homework.

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